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Our employees are what makes Happy Family Store stand out among the competition and provide the best services to our clients. ServeYouRx is helping us give back to our employees. They provide valuable pharmacy benefit management. This means that we not only make sure that our employees are able to receive the best benefits, but we also comply and adhere to rules and regulations.

Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI)

HFS strives to use modern technologies to provide the best possible services and medications at reasonable prices. We found Medical Packaging to be a perfect partner when it comes to automating and optimizing the packaging process. It allows us to provide safe prescription medications in a cost and time-effective manner.


Inventory management and workflow solutions are provided to us by eVitalRx. It helps HFS to ensure that our inventory is always in stock and prevent having expired medications. We also use this software for fast billing and sending refill reminders and special offers to our customers.


We know how important it is for our employees to develop and grow as specialists. Thus, we turned to PowerPak for access to numerous courses and webinars so our employees have trustworthy knowledge sources. These include medication safety, vaccines, patient safety, using pharmacotherapy in the treatment of nicotine dependence, cultural competency in pharmacy practice, implicit bias in health care, and much more.

Cossack Labs

Since HappyFamilyStore works in the healthcare industry, we have higher safety and security standards to meet. Thanks to our partnership with CossackLabs, we are able to ensure that all the data of our customers is safe and secure every step of the way. It also helps us to provide different data access levels to ensure that only employees who need specific personal information to serve our customers can access it.