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Online Prescription Refills

We are always happy to see our customers come back and have made our prescription refill process as fast, simple, and easy as possible. With Family Store, restocking your Rx medications is a short 3-step journey: fill out the form specifying the medications you need to refill => add these to your cart => checkout. The rest is on us.

We will verify your prescription’s validity, contact your healthcare provider for details if needed, and pack and deliver your order safely within the shortest time.

Fill New Prescriptions or Transfer Existing Ones to Happy Family Store

If you have not ordered this product from us yet, here is how you can do that effectively and quickly. Follow the steps below to fill new or transfer existing prescriptions to Happy family store.

Transferring your prescriptions from another pharmacy:

  1. Find the prescription medications you need on our website and add them to your cart before checking out.
  2. At the checkout point, opt for “Transfer Prescription” and pay for your order to complete the process.
  3. We will contact your old pharmacy and have it transfer your prescriptions to us (if eligible for transfer). After a quick verification, we will ship your medications to you or have them ready for pickup at one of our physical drugstores.

Order new prescriptions directly with us:

  1. Order your medications online by adding the items you need to the cart. Checkout to complete the purchase.
  2. Mail your original prescription to us or have your prescriber do that. We will save the document on our files to make further refills simpler.
  3. We will match up your prescription with your order to verify it and ship your medications to you or have them ready for pickup at one of our physical drugstores.

Please note that customers registered with Happy Family Pharmacy and have a verified account within our system enjoy added perks such as faster processing times, easier ordering experience, quick access to their order history for tracking purposes, etc. Registered users do not need to fill out our prescription form every time to get a refill – they can utilize our super-handy Scheduled Refills service.

Why use Scheduled Refills services with automated shipping?

To make the process of getting prescription refills simpler, our pharmacy offers specialized Scheduled Refills service with an automated shipping option. Here is why it is so convenient:

  • Prescription refills are processed and shipped automatically based on a schedule you specify.
  • We send out email notifications whenever your refill is about to be shipped to you, giving you enough time to cancel the action or put it on hold.
  • All our scheduled refills are delivered conveniently to your doorstep delivery or can be packed and waiting for you at one of our physical locations of your choice.

With our Scheduled Refills service, you will not have to worry about running out of essential prescription medications at the worst possible time. No more nerve-wracking last-minute pharmacy visits or overpaying for the Rx products you desperately need. Fill out the prescription once, provide the necessary details, and set a schedule – we will gladly take care of the rest!

***To ensure the utmost healthcare information security and convenience of the schedule-based refilling process, we only make this feature available to our registered users. Creating an account with Family Pharmacy is an easy and fast experience. In return, you’ll be rewarded with an array of tangible benefits, handy automated prescription refills being just one of these.

Other ways to get a refill

If you have no immediate access to an Internet-connected device, you can call our toll-free number and have the customer support specialist complete the form for you. Alternatively, you can drop by one of our physical locations to do that in person. Whatever method you choose to refill your prescription, you can be sure your information is safe, duly protected, and handled most carefully.