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Family Support

Family Pharmacy seeks to benefit families and the community, in general, in all possible ways. We do not stop at filling prescriptions – we launch outreach programs, organize online health workshops and seminars, and support various charitable initiatives. We work hard to help underprivileged families, provide educational resources, and assist during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccination Support for Children from Underprivileged Families

2018 Initiative: “Healthy Start, Bright Future”

Family Pharmacy wants to make sure every child has access to essential vaccinations. In partnership with local businesses, community clinics, and schools in several cities of Iowa, we ran a successful vaccination campaign for children aged 5-9 from underprivileged families. Through this program, around 2,000 kids received free flu, chickenpox, and polio vaccinations.

COVID-19 Response

2020/21 Initiatives: “Care in Crisis,” “Hygiene Heroes,” and “Hope & Healing”

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, HFS stepped up to support families and communities in need:

  • “Care in Crisis”: We teamed up with food banks and shelters to make sure families who needed food could get healthy, nourishing meals when things got really tough.
  • “Hygiene Heroes”: During this program, Family Pharmacy distributed thousands of free hygiene kits (masks, sanitizers, and educational materials) to support underprivileged families in communities where the risk of infection was especially high.
  • “Hope & Healing”: Many families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic experienced the loss of their loved ones. We initiated the “Hope & Healing” program that offered free counseling and psychological assistance to help grieving families navigate and manage their trauma.

Having achieved a lot, we intend to continue to realize various initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing family life and well-being. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family’s healthcare journey!