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How to boost the efficacy of your cholesterol medications?

There are several ways you can improve your cholesterol levels and boost the efficacy of the cholesterol treatments you take. We assembled a bunch of lifestyle tips that will help you lower cholesterol and enhance the treatment you take with cholesterol medications. Let’s start with a brief guide on what is cholesterol Cholesterol is a […]

Top 10 Solutions for Winter 2023 According to Happy Family Store

There’s nothing better than a cup of hot tea with honey or a chicken broth to make yourself feel warm and comfortable. However, drinking hot and warm liquid is not an efficient way to fight with the primary symptoms of flu or cold. As soon as the liquid helps your body get rid of the […]

Stress As The Main Erection Antagonist

Erectile dysfunction is getting younger: the percentage of young men (up to 40 years old) diagnosed with ED is rising. Can erectile dysfunction be caused by chronic stress and anxiety instead by physiological reasons? Medical specialists have a few points of view on this problem. Stress, nervousness, and erectile dysfunction According to recent statistics, ED […]